Meierikvartalet, Bodø

HENT AS has been commissioned to renew the old dairy and the fire station in Bodø to a modern residential quarter. The project will consist of 104 modern and practical apartments and will be located in the middle of Bodø. Building stage 1 (Meierikvartalets borettslaglag) consists of a total of 66 apartments with associated common

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Campbells, Bergen

In Campbells Andersen’s old factory premises, at the edge of the bridge in Damsgårdssundet, a number of fishing gear was previously produced. Now, BOB’s new venture will be here, where two buildings with a total of 41 apartments will be built. Building A (Damsgårdsveien 77) is being erected and replaced by a completely new building

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Agder prison, dep. Froland and dep. Mandal

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice, Statsbygg builds new prison in Agder, with offices in Mandal and Froland. The capacity shall be in total 300 places. Of these, 100 will be added to Mandal, and the remaining 200 at Froland. Both departments are complete new buildings, with varied outdoor areas. Kruse Smith and Skanska

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JRS has signed a Frame Agreement with Norske Tog

JRS General Manager, Anne Støren, after signing with the Technical Director of Norske Tog, Luca Cuppari. JRS has signed a Frame Agreement with Norske Tog for technical services. JRS is proud to have signed on 22 of the partial contracts in areas such as power delivery, mechanical engineering, CAD, RAMS/Maintenance, document control, document management and

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