Meland water treatment

Meland municipality will build new main waterworks at Hestdal with Storavatnet as new water source supplied by Nordic Water Products AS. This will replace existing water treatment plants that do not meet the requirements for process and safety in the drinking water regulations, but which will be maintained as future reserve waterworks.

The new Meland water treatment plant, hereafter referred to as the Meland VBA, will comprise a complete new system with intake arrangements in Storavatnet, 2.7 km inlet line to Hestdal, raw water pump station, treatment plant with DynaSand, clean water pool and pressure amplification for delivery to the supply network.

Jotne Ankers help with this project:

  • Project management and 3D modeling
  • Procurement, Prefabrication and pipe fitting
  • Procurement, Prefabrication and assembly of stairs, railings and walkways
  • Mounting equipment supplied by customer
  • Install instrument and valves supplied by customer