Pig Launcher & Recievers

Pig launchers and receivers are a typical Jotne product. We have produced and delivered more than 120 pcs of PLRs and many of them including engineering. Experienced team of engineers, project managers and not least production operators are guarantee that all customer requirements and needs are taken into account.
3D modelling/Lay-out, detail design, FEA analysis and fabrication are substantial part of our expertise in PLR delivery. The construction of customised PLR is always in compliance with both industry standards and our customers’ requirements.

Competitive pricing is achieved, trough effective fabrication in close cooperation with approved subsuppliers working under Jotne supervision. A unique commissioning and follow-up activities procedure was developed and included in Jotne Project Execution Model. Our focus is on that all HSE and QA requirements are equally good at our sub-suppliers as they are at our own production facilities.

Certified and approved vendors are used for special equipment to secure that all valves, stabs, receptacles, signallers and other PLR equipment has high technological and qualitative standard.