Our goal is to understand our customers' needs and to deliver our projects in such a way that supports the competitiveness of our customers. In this way we establish partnerships with our customers and thus promote future growth and working relationships.

We supply engineering and fabrication for process and utility systems like chemical injection units, water treatment units, MEG units, pump packages power units and other related systems.

We supply engineering and the fabrication Local Equipment Rooms, Generator Enclosures, Workshop and Office modules etc.

We supply engineering and the fabrication of subsea structures, piping systems and associated equipment for subsea production systems.

Pig launchers and receivers are a typical Jotne product. We have produced and delivered more than 120 pcs of PLRs and many of them including engineering.

Jotne and RBV Energy have established a strong partnership within HP piping, valves, fittings and flanges.

With our top modern machines we can fabricate components in all steel qualities, metallic- and syntethic materials.

Jotne offers Cladding services, onlay welding of materials with excellent corrosion or wear resistance on base material with good structural properties.

Steelworks and welding are central diciplines at Jotnes fabrication facilities, and Jotne utilizes top modern equipment and technology for high performance fabrication.

Jotne offers turn key products, and our assembly department cover both mechanical-, hydraulic- and electrical assembly works.