Creating values through engineering and fabrication excellence.
Jotne supplies engineering and fabrication services to the oil & gas and industry markets

Jotne's extensive fabrication and engineering capabilities ensure flexibility and cost efficiency from idea to finished product. Safety, quality and on-time delivery are core in our operations.

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Jotne Mekaniske Verksteder
   +47 23 17 16 00    jmv@jotne.no

Our goal is to understand our customers' needs and to deliver our projects in such a way that supports the competitiveness of our customers. In this way we establish partnerships with our customers and thus promote future growth and working relationships.

We have the expertise, capacity and facilities to design, plan, build and supply turnkey solutions. Our organisation has extensive experience in the delivery of topside systems and products, subsea units and mechanical systems. We offer extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our advantage is the close working relationship that exists between our engineering and fabrication activities.

Jotne Mekaniske Verksteder
   +47 23 17 16 00    jmv@jotne.no


We are big enough to offer high levels of capacity, and small enough to be able to adapt effectively to our customers needs and requirements. Our customers comprise oil companies , oil industry suppliers og land based industry.

We supply engineering and fabrication for process and utility systems.

Our fields of expertise are in technologies related to topside systems, subsea units and mechanical systems.

Jotne can perform cutting, assembly and welding of structures up to 1000 tonnes in addidtion to having a wide range of CNC Machining Services.


Anode Tripods

Fabrication of Anode Tripods and associated equipment.

Njord a Subsea Manifold System

Engineering, manufacturing and delivery of three off Subsea Manifold Systems (SMS).

Statoil Grane Platform

Project management and production, assembly, testing of PLETs and PLRs.


Jotne Mechanical workshops

Successful delivery of 4 Caterpillar C280 gensets

Jotne has together with our client Pon Power finalized construction and testing of 4 Caterpillar C280 gensets in Jotne’s factory in Fredrikstad. Jotne performed the design and final element analysis for the base frames before fabrication was carried out. During 6 intensive weeks in May/June, Pon Power and Jotne finalized assembly and full load testing

Jotne Mechanical workshops

Balder field subsea manifold successfully installed

In April 2015, Jotne E&P was awarded an EPC contract to build the subsea gas lift manifold for Exxon Mobil on the Balder Field. Jotne has performed all engineering, soil analysis, fabrication and testing of the manifold which was finalized 6 month after contract award. The manifold with support structure is designed and built according

Jotne Mechanical workshops

Successful delivery of balder subsea protection structure

In January 2016, Jotne E&P was awarded a contract for the delivery of a subsea protection structure and GRP cover for a Xmas tree at Balder field. The contract was awarded by Ocean Installer. The Balder field is located in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea at a water depth of approximately 125m and