Jotne Ankers is one of the country’s largest and most experienced producers of stairs and railings in steel.

We supply and assemble large and small construction stairs, railings, balconies, ramps, walkways and gratings of high quality and at the right price.

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Jotne Ankers

Flatebyveien 1, 1792 Tistedal

   +47 69 21 73 50


The first spiral staircase, Haldentrappen, was delivered as early as the end of the 1950s. Since then Jotne Ankers has produced many stairs in different sizes and finishes.

Jotne Ankers also supplies to offshore and shipping and has many good references. Several of the stairs delivered are approved by Veritas in accordance with the specifications. We are registered in StartBank, the Building and Construction Industry Qualification Scheme and have fulfilled the requirements for Central Approval.

We are also ISO certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and certified for CE marking class EXC3. We always aim to deliver the best possible quality at the right price and delivery time!

Jotne Ankers
   +47 23 17 16 00    ankers@jotne.no


The story begins in the late 50's, and since then we have delivered many thousand stairs and railings. We are in continuous development and are still developing new solutions. We are proud that we have a stable employees, and good and experienced installers with a long work experience in the company.

Jotne Ankers designs its own steel balconies. Steel balconies are well suited to refurbishment or new construction.

Jotne Ankers supplies all types of gratings produced in galvanised steel, stainless and acid-resistant.

Jotne Ankers delivers all types of railings for stairs, balconies, vehicle proofing and more. Rails can be executed in varnished steel, stainless steel and glass.

Jotne Ankers has long and broad-ranging experience in constructing and producing stairs based on customers’ wishes and requirements.

Jotne Ankers supply walkways and ramps for buildings.
We supply walkways and platforms to the industry and galleries, emergency exits on roofs and similar.

Jotne Ankers supplies and assembles pipes, stairs, railings and walkways for industrial and wastewater treatment plants.


Solrøysa, Moss

Solrøysa is located on Røyåsen in Moss, only a 5-minute walk to the center.

Rosenberg Park, Fetsund

Backe Romerike has built two apartment blocks with a total of 77 apartments.

Linjekvartalet, Sørumsand

Sørumsand Utvikling AS has engaged Ø.M Fjeld as contractor of the Line Quarter.


Jotne Ankers

Høgskolen på Vestlandet

Kruse Smith is building a combined teaching and office building (including auditoriums and reading rooms) totaling 15,000 square meters for the Kronstad University College in Bergen. The construction site started in January 2018 and will be handed over to Statsbygg in March 2020. Jotne Ankers will supply various steel railings for this project.

Jotne Ankers

Galleriet, Drammen

Veidekke is engaged by Glitre Bolig as entrepreneur of the Galleriet in Drammen. The gallery is located in the block Sundgata, Engene and Peder Buchs gate, and will consist of 51 apartments. Jotne Ankers will to this project deliver steel balconies, balcony and terrace railings, stair railings and steel stairs.

Jotne Ankers

Tiedemannsfabrikken, Oslo

Selvaag Bolig and Ferd Eiendom continue the development of the Tiedemanns factory at Ensjø in Oslo, and they continue their good cooperation with Veidekke Entreprenør who will now build field G. The former tobacco factory of Tiedemann’s Tobacco, with roots dating back to the 1730s, was for many years a cornerstone business in the area.

Jotne Ankers

Husebyhagen, Skedsmo

AF Gruppen has entered into an agreement with Romerike Boligutvikling AS for the construction of the housing project Husebyhagen at Skedsmokorset in Akershus. The agreement applies to two stages of construction that include the erection of 87 apartments in 7 buildings with underlying basement. Construction started in August 2018 and expected completion in August 2020.