Built Environment

Jotne IT, the world leading provider of Enterprise BIM (EBIM) solutions. EBIM supporting core business, and organizations with large estate and project portfolios. Object-oriented, model-driven database platform providing information ownership through openBIM.

We provide standards based (ISO 16759 IFC, ISO 12006-3 bsDD and ISO 29481 IDM) database solutions for the building- and construction indstry, with a range of applications covering the entire building life cycle, supporting core business; EBIM.

Powerfull and flexible functionality available in desktop clients and web/handheld devices. With the plugin architecture of the model server, functionality is easily extendable through server- and client side plugins, provided by Jotne, or developed by clients/3rd party.

- Fully configurable role based access control - for data and functionality.

- Model management; Check-in/merge, check-out, cut/split, validate model (according to schema and Exchange Requirements).

- Automated model import and multi-model merge.

- Powerfull and flexible reporting and presentation/statistics capabilities.

- Issue database, integrated with BIM, for managing any kind of issues.

- Central system- and product register for managing objects (systems/products), their occurances in models and required documentation. Fully configurable to suit your requirements.

- Portal solution (web) for building portfolio overviews; building details, space information (areas, classification, owners, tenenats, etc).