Project DSV, Vestby

The Danish-owned transport giant DSV has purchased 110 acres of finished work built by Ferd Eiendom at Vestby Næringspark Øst, just south of Oslo.

Here, the Danes invest in 32,000 square meters of warehouse, 12,000 square meters of terminal, 7,000 square meters of mezzanine, 4,000 square meters of offices in three floors and 700 square meters of staff space. In total, it will be 55,700 square feet, according to a press release.

The Swedish Logistic Contractor, which specializes in building logistics facilities, will build the facility.

The Logistic Contractor will hand over 19,500 square meters of warehouse in April 2020, and the entire project will be completed in July. The plant must be environmentally certified in accordance with Breeam-NOR. DSV has three divisions in Norway, DSV Road, DSV Solutions, DSV Air & Sea. The facility at Vestby will house the first two, which today has the address Langhus a few miles further north.

For this project, Jotne Ankers will supply staircases type industry, spiral staircases type industry, interior interior staircases with glass railings, industrial railings and ramp.